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   WHO AM I   

Fearless Agorpahobic

Suellen Meyers is agoraphobic, and proud of it.

She is also extremely proud of the fact that in October of 2016, at the age of 54, she graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Southern New Hampshire University and obtained her degree in General Studies with a concentration in English/Creative Writing Nonfiction. Say that five times really fast! Next up, she is obtaining an MFA in Creative Nonfiction program at Bay Path University.

An accomplished copywriter, Suellen has provided sales, marketing, customer service, training materials, web content, and blog posts for companies such as Partner Fusion/Ticket Counter, house seats, Turnip Digital, and Image Skincare. She is also focused on her creative writing in the nonfiction genre and working on her website Fearless Agoraphobic. Suellen is dedicated to helping others with anxiety and panic disorders cope with, laugh at, and just plain accept it without apologies. Through her writing she inspires those that live with these conditions to see they can lead productive and happy lives, even if they can’t comfortably go more than nine miles away from home. She deals with heavy subjects such as addiction, loss, and sickness with frankness and humor.

Suellen lives in hellishly warm Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband Gary, Zoey the Elf Dog (she's one hundred percent positive that if Zoey could speak she would answer the phone, "Zoey the Elf, what's your favorite color?") and new edition to the family, Abby the Wiggle Butt. However, someday she plans to move back to her beloved Southern California so she can be by the beach. Her two amazingly talented sons, Max, a tattoo artist, (the one who pushed her over the edge into the agoraphobic abyss) as well as Jake, a musician, may or may not come – but she hopes they will.

Zoey, me, and Princess (2001-2017) our no-eyed Chihuahua